100 gm plain flour
½ tsp salt
3 eggs
1 yolk
175 ml milk
75 ml water
25 gm clarified butter
1 tbsp oil

Banana topping
2 ripe bananas
4 tbsp Gula Melts Coconut Nectar, plus extra for drizzling
1 tbsp melted butter
200g tub Greek yoghurt or ice cream
4 tsp chopped walnuts


Banana topping
Pre-heat oven to 190⁰C (370⁰F). Slice the bananas lengthwise, and place them in a baking tray lined with foil.  
Pour Gula Melts Coconut Nectar and melted butter over each banana half.
Bake for 10 minutes until the bananas are soft.        


While waiting for the bananas to bake, you can prepare your pancakes.
Make a batter by combining flour, salt, eggs, milk, water and clarified butter.
Whisk the ingredients until smooth using an electric whisk or by hand.
Sieve the batter and let it rest for a few minutes. In a non stick pan pour a little oil to coat the pan.
When pan is hot, hold it in an angle and pour batter into pan, coating it evenly and thinly.
When pancake is golden brown, using a palette knife, flip it over and cook other side until golden brown.
Remove pancake from pan.
Repeat process until all batter is used up.
Divide pancakes into 4 portions and top with the baked bananas, walnuts, a dollop of ice cream or Greek yoghurt, and drizzle with Gula Melts Coconut Nectar.